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The Wrist Watch Review

TIME FROM VIENNA The Vienna based international art trading company lichterloh and award-winning watch designer Fredi Brodmann - who moved to New York in 1987 - have created a wrist watch resembling the NORMALZEIT Cube Clock in memory of 1907, when the NORMALZEIT city clocks were first introduced. A limited edition of 1,907 watches has been produced, numbered from 0001 to 1,907 and was first presented to the American public at the recent New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in May 2015. LICHTERLOH CHASING DESIGN ICONS In the 1990s, Dagmar Moser, Christof Stein and Philipp Markus Pernhaupt committed themselves to international design at lichterloh. The specialist team, which is also a member of the Wien Product group, has been trading well-known...

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