About us

I was born in Vienna, Austria in 1956. Since childhood I drew all the time. Horses, airplanes and cars - later cartoons. Ironically, that is why I became a watch designer. A series of cartoons about time lead to the first watch collection, “WatchMe” by ABrodmann, was launched by Piranha Marketing in 1985 while I lived in Munich. I dropped my successful free lance cartoonist career and fully immersed myself in the international watch and fashion industry. From then on I relentlessly created signature watches and collections for numerous brands, licensees and a select private label clientele.

Most recently I had the pleasure to translate the iconic Vienna City Cube Clock into a wrist watch. In collaboration with Lichterloh Gallery and Christof Stein we produced a limited and numbered edition of 1,907 wrist watches to mark the year when Middle European Time (GMT) was brought to Vienna in 1907 by the Emperor Franz Josef with the help of Ing. Emil Schauer a foremost electrical engineer.

Synchronized time was displayed across the Metropole of two million citizens on 78 posts ever since.

See other watch works by Fredi Brodmann on fredibrodmann.com, BENRUS.com, 40NINE.com, torpedo-uhren.de and pierrejunot.com.

NORMALZEIT watches are also available at Wempe NY and Neue Galerie NY.

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